Sometimes you face the need to replace an existing radiator for winter heating with a complete system for summer and winter use. In such situation, “2.0 FCU” is the best answer: one single body integrates both an airconditioning system for summer cooling and winter heating ( heat pump mode), and a fancoil for winter heating with hot plant water. To install “2.0 FCU” is extremely easy: once the old radiator is removed, the existing niche is occupied by “2.0 FCU” thanks to two holes in the wall and some simple connections to the existing hot water pipes.

With “2.0 FCU” you can cool down temperature in summer, warm up in winter in heat pump mode or with plant water, and dehumidify all year round. In winter time, heating is economically provided by the heat pump functioning mode; when outdoor temperatures decrease, “2.0 FCU” automatically integrates heat pump functioning with fancoil, so to maintain the set temperature. In case external temperatures become particularly low, heating with fancoil only can be set (therefore excluding heat pump).

INNOVA 2.0 Air Conditioner/Heat Pump without external unit

Optimal indoor comfort today can be achieved all year long with air conditioning. This has usually meant installing unsightly, bulky condensing units on the exterior of buildings. Not anymore. The “Innova 2.0” air conditioner/heat pump is a unique through the wall, product that functions without the need of an outdoor compressor unit by incorporating state of the art “monobloc” technology.

Almost invisible outdoor and indoor

With only 6-in (16cm) depth, the Innova 2.0 is minimized not only outdoors but indoors as well.

The outside will be your choice of grill. Color and size could be chosen to match the building aesthetics.

Innova 2.0 does not require any drains in cooling mode unlike other types of air conditioning units thanks to an internal system that vaporizes the condensation and blows it out into the atmosphere.

Optimized performance

Innova 2.0 is engineered with the innovative brushless DC (BLDC) inverter driven compressor and electric motors.

This technology gives you optimal temperature and humidity control, with less energy consumption and eliminates fan vibrations.
No vibrations means less noise.

Coupled with the latest in soundproofing technology, the noise level is lower than most conventional split units.
Innova 2.0 with only 27dB noise level is quiet as a whisper!

Very high EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) achieve the “A+” energy efficiency class.
This system incorporates an innovative DC INVERTER compressor that enables it to be energy efficient and really saves on the Hydro bill.

Winter time?

The Innova 2.0 operates down to an impressive -10°C with a built-in pan heater to eliminate ice build-up.

In heat-pump mode a small drain is required.

If this is not possible, the manufacture provides a solution – add a CONDENSATE NEBULIZER.

This added part would allow the heat pump to do the same with the condensation as it does in cooling mode.

Free app by Innova (for iOS, android, windows)

Use a smartphone or a tablet as a remote control.

Innova 2.0 can be programmed and managed from a remote position.

In case of multiple installations, all units installed can be managed by the same smartphone.

Clima Design Technologies Warranty

INNOVA 2.0 is a certified technical innovation with a reduced environmental impact.

Designed and manufactured in Italy Innova 2.0 is exported to 33 countries.

Our trained personnel would be more than happy to answer any questions about the product and installation.

Clima Design Technologies Ltd. provides 5-year warranty on the compressor and 1-year warranty on all other parts.