Clima Design Technologies presents INNOVA 2.0, Innovating Cooling / Heat Pump

Two ducts zero outdoor unit
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Innovation in Cooling & Heating

Very high EER

“A+” energy efficiency class. This system incorporates an innovative DC INVERTER compressor that enables it to be energy efficient. Save on the Hydro bill.

Easy & Fast Installation

INNOVA 2.0 can be easily installed low or high on the wall. The air sweep opening can be easily adjusted thanks to a simple pressure on the control board.

Minimal Noise Level

Thanks to advanced research on insulating materials, No vibrations means less noise. Innova 2.0 with only 27dB noise level is quiet as a whisper!

Remote and On Board Control

Use a smartphone or a tablet as a remote control. Innova 2.0 can be programmed and managed from a remote position. Multiple installations can be managed by the same smartphone.


Winter time: No Frost System

The Innova 2.0 operates down to an impressive -10°C with a built-in pan heater to eliminate ice build-up. In heat pump mode only, the drain pan is constantly kept warm to prevent any risk of icing of the condensate drain.

No External Condenser Required

The Innova 2.0 requires no external condenser, saving you money on installation costs and keeping the aesthetic appearance of your building. Two duct holes of 162mm each are used instead of a bulky external condenser.

Cooling or heating your space was never easier.

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INNOVA 2.0 Air Conditioner/Heat Pump without external unit

Optimal indoor comfort today can be achieved all year long with air conditioning. This has usually meant installing unsightly, bulky condensing units on the exterior of buildings. Not anymore. The “Innova 2.0” air conditioner/heat pump is a unique through the wall, product that functions without the need of an outdoor compressor unit by incorporating state of the art “monobloc” technology.

Almost Invisible: Indoors and Outdoors

With only 6-in (16cm) depth, the Innova 2.0 is minimized not only outdoors but indoors as well. Its thin design integrates beautifully in today’s interior decors.

The outside will be your choice of grill. Color and size could be chosen to match the building aesthetics.

Perfect for the apartments, offices and homes.